First Things First


This is my companion today. This, my friends, is a squat rack, though you probably already knew that.

The first lift of the program is a squat, and what a lift it is. This is the booty-builder, the butt-lifter, and the path to beautiful Amazonian thunder thighs. I used to hate my thighs. They were huge, white and flabby. Once I started squatting though, they had the first changes I noticed. They got harder, and a very slight hint if muscle started to show just above my knees. They are still huge and white, but while they once jiggled when I tightened my quads, now they are almost solid. Still covered in a layer of fat though. I am sure they will improve further with the program!

The first workout of the program is not groundbreaking, and that is a good thing. It starts off with exercises that we would all recognise, such as squats and push ups. It means its approachable and allows you to work out without needing to constantly look up how to do things.

I won’t go through the program in detail, because I think that if you want to do it, you should buy the book and read it thoroughly. Not just the workouts, but the reasoning behind it all. Lou does a great job of being easy to understand and be humourous in his writing.


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