Chun Li Thighs


My boyfriend has just told me that I have Chun Li thighs, and that is awesome, because it reminded me that I should really check in to my blog! I’m nowhere near as lean as her, but I think I am getting there!

Today is Monday, and it was the day for Stage 1, Workout B3. I know tomorrow I will probably be sore. My favourite and least favourite “lifts” are in this workout – deadlifts and lunges. Anything, really, that uses my quads extensively I don’t really like. They are pretty tight and I stretch them a lot before, during and after. Apparently not enough? Or maybe I should be looking into foam rolling?

Anyway, I realised near the end of the workout that the reps in each set were supposed to have decreased since the last workout. Whoops. Well I will definitely be reading a little more closely next time!

Tomorrow I am going to visit the osteopath. I injured my neck stupidly a couple of months ago – improper placement of the barbell during squats. After a few osteo visits and taking it easy, it is mostly better, but I think that today I probably strained it again when I was doing crunches. Which aren’t so great for you, apparently. Planks are the way of the future it seems.


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