Halfway through Stage 1 already?!

I started the program on 31 January, which doesn’t seem all that long ago. Now it’s just about the halfway mark for Stage 1. That went by really quickly.

So, any changes since then? To be honest I think it’s too early to tell. With the slight change in diet (I’m calorie counting, generally 300 to 500 calories under my maintenence level, and vaguely following macros) I think I am losing fat. My fiance thinks that my ribs are more visible, and I think my stomach and face have very slightly receded. I will review properly at the end of Stage 1, and hopefully will have some obvious changes then!

My osteo visit was interesting. Since I am an archer, I have built more muscle in my draw hand than in my bow hand. My bow shoulder also tends to sit more forward than my draw shoulder. If only it were easy to switch hands and even them out! If you have never practised archery before, you will have one side that is more comfortable drawing the bow. Usually it matches up with whether you are right-handed or left-handed, but not always. It’s more to do with your sight – you have a dominant eye, and that eye is the one that you will most likely be aiming with. I digress. TL;DR: Unbalanced and unco-ordinated = recurring neck injury.


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