I enjoy Tuesdays for a few reasons. 

  1. It’s not a workout day
  2. I get to sleep in
  3. I get to work earlier and finish earlier
  4. I go to German class after work
  5. And after German class, I go out to this awesome foodcourt with my friend and fiance and we have a nice and usually interesting dinner together

This foodcourt is awesome because it doesn’t have any chain fastfood vendors. It’s made up of these tiny kitchens, each with a small counter, big photograph menu, and a different cuisine. While pretty much all of the vendors are Asian foods, there is a huge variety: Indian, three different Thai places, two different Malaysian places, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and a place just for drinks – the cheapest place to get a bottle of beer in the city! I love it.


I seriously love Korean food so that is usually my go-to place. Nothing like soondubu jjigae or bulgogi! I’m pretty sure I could eat Korean food almost every day… And on the off days, live on Indian food (though I’ve found the Indian food at this foodcourt to be unforgiving on the stomach and bowels).

In fact, most of the food choices aren’t all bad, especially for the aspiring weightlifter. Unlike typical fast food joints, meals are (generally) well-proportioned: for example, my bulgogi last night had a nice mix of Asian greens (I’m unlearned in Asian greens), cabbage, and onions in with the beef. There were sides of kimchi and another similar kind of pickled salad, as well as a small bowl of miso soup. And of course white rice.

My fiance’s teriyaki chicken was loaded with vegetables and came with miso soup too, and my friend’s nasi goreng was a huge pile of chicken, prawns, vegetables and rice.

I’m so pleased there are tasty and healthier choices for a late dinner after class. Now, I’m 900 calories short today, and I’ve met my important protein goal for once… Time for icecream?


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