Almost at the end of Stage One.

So, just two workouts to go, then the two that I am dreading (As Many Reps As Possible workouts…) then I am done with Stage One!

It has been harder than I expected. With squats and deadlifts I did better than expected, but there are a few others that I don’t feel like I’ve made progress on. Some strain my neck (which I had injured a couple of months ago, so this is not good), and some are just hard. Yes, I need to toughen up on the latter. They say the lifts you find hardest are the lift you need the most. That’s why I’m still doing them! But I seriously doubt anyone actually enjoys lunges.

As for a comparison to when I started, I’m not sure if there will be much difference. I’ve been calorie-counting very strictly over the past 30 days, and have been under the maintenance calories from the formula in the NROLFW book 28 out of 30 days. But I don’t feel like much has changed. I did weigh 300g less than the last time I weighed myself. I’ll have to ask the trainer at the gym to do my measurements again so we can see if there actually have been any changes. 


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