The Stage One Awards

I have finished the A and B workouts from Stage One, and now just have the two special workouts left. I am getting measured by my PT next Wednesday, so I’ll compare the measurements (and my weight!) with when I started. And maybe even post a progress photo.

Today was supposed to be a workout day, but I really felt like I needed a rest. I have an ache in my lower back which I don’t think is a good thing. And I want to be fresh for the special workout, in which I plan to do my first-ever widowmaker squat set. That’s 20 squats in one set. My glutes are going to be sore the next day!

Anyway, on to the awards!

Most Improved
Workout 1B: 2 sets of 30kg/15reps
Workout 8B: 1 set of 50kg/8reps and 2 sets of 52.5kg/8reps
Is this really a surprise? Deadlifts have been a hard and fast favourite of mine, and I always like pushing myself on these. Perhaps too much in the last workout though…

Least Improved
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Workout 1A: 1 set of 5kg/12reps, 1 set 5kg/11reps
Workout 7A: 3 sets of 6kg/7reps
This was a truly poor improvement. And to think barbell shoulder press was my favourite lift before starting! The issue was that I would strain my neck, and reawaken my neck injury from a couple of months ago.

New Favourite
Prone Jackknife
This is more of a personal preference category. They really intrigued me – it involves balance and core strength, both of which I was/am lacking. I improved from 8 reps to 15 reps in this one, and improved my form on the way.

Least Favourite
Tie – Lunges and Pushups
Another personal preference category. I have always known I would hate lunges, but the things you hate are the things you need to work on. Pushups, on the other hand… I thought I’d progress more. I started on my knees doing 10, then changed to bench pressups a couple of weeks ago and finished at a measly 3-5 reps in my final workout. Never have I felt so disheartened in a workout.

Surprise Favourite
Workout 1A: 1 set 25kg/15reps, 1 set 25kg/10reps
Workout 8A: 1 set 35kg/8reps, 1 set 37.5kg/8reps, 1 set 40kg/5reps, 1 set 40kg/3reps
Yeah, I know. Squats are supposed to be awesome and good for you. I hated them when I started. In the last workout I started feeling inspired and stronger. I am actually looking forward to my widowmaker set on Monday.

I also did my best rowing machine warmup distance on Wednesday – 474m in 2:06 minutes! I only row for 2-ish minutes usually because I don’t want to tire myself out. This was the furtherest I’ve done!

I’ll update you with my new measurements next Wednesay.


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