Workout 2B

Holy crap. This workout, out of the blue, was ridiculously painful. It starts off with wide grip deadlifts from a box (so you are elevated), and you think, “Yes, I’ve done deadlifts before, this should be easy.” Nope! I’d loaded the bar to be 30kg when I started as a warmup weight… It was more like my working weight!

There were also some Bulgarian split squats and reverse lunges from a box… My quads were shaking after those. And the workout is so much longer. Not only more lifts, but also interval training at the end. I actually ran out of time (I had 45mins that morning) and came back later to do the interval training and the core exercises.

That was two days ago now. Thankfully DOMS has gone from my back, but my thighs and butt still twinge now and then.

Today it’s Sunday, and traditionally a day that I don’t do any exercise, but I was missing my power cleans so I’ve decided to practise them and work on my form. I’m videoing myself and critiquing my technique… There are issues with the hip extension when cleaning from the floor, but hang cleans look all good. I just need more practise!


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