Things that aren’t working

I’ve been counting calories for a little while now. Not necessarily trying to hit a target, but just loggin what I eat and drink. I have set up My Fitness Pal to show me a “goal” of 2271 kilocalories per day, based on what NROLFW has recommended for workout days. I usually reach about 2000. In terms of fat loss, this isn’t really working for me. I think I will have to reduce my daily kilocalorie intake to see a reduction in fat.

Food is quite hard for me to regulate. As soon as I decide to change my diet, I want what I can’t have, and I give up my willpower to resist. I am hoping that by reducing my daily calorie intake, I can still have what I want as long as it leaves me under the limit.

So I will start Stage 4 on Wednesday (6 June), and with it begins my attempt at losing some fat to show off my nice muscles underneath.


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