Stage 4

Eek. I can’t believe I’ve finally made it past Stage 3! There is no Body Weight Matrix in this stage, but wait… This is all very familiar. Push presses… Bulgarian Split Squats… Various lunges… This is Stage 2 all over again.

I did Workout A2 today, and noticed some issues with my neck and quads again. Nothing serious… I just need to take it easier and work on form on the neck-affecting exercises, and let my left quad get over whatever it is (it makes lunges incredibly painful! Squats are okay though…) I really like the horizontal cable wood chop. I kind of want to have an adonis belt, and I’ve read that the twisting motion is the way to build up that area. It makes sense, right, when you see so many wakeboarders and snowboarders (apparently?) with them. Low fat helps with muscle visibility, too.

So, after my month of pretty much no exercise, I am really feeling the effects now. I’ve had DOMS for about four days straight – butt and upper hamstrings, to be precise. Stairs have been a challenge. Definitely an incentive to keep on track, if possible! I’ve reduced the amount of kcals, and don’t feel too bad – maybe a little tired. I probably won’t reduce them any more – I’m aiming for about 1800 on workout days, and 1500-1600 on non-workout days. Let’s see how it continues.


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