Changes, and a month off junk food

This is a good post! There have been changes! I’m almost at the end of Stage 4, with just one more workout to go! But I think my calorie changes are working. I have not been completely good with my food, but that is okay. My fiance noticed last night that I’ve lost quite a bit of fat on my thighs, which is awesome. What was once soft and jiggly is now firm and strong! I will have to get measured again soon. I have also been noticing change in my stomach and arms. I can see some ribs, and the upper region of my abs is still slowly revealing itself. My arms are mostly muscle now, except the little bit above my elbow. I’m so happy that my hard work is paying out now!

So, I just have to keep this going. I’ve gotten into a pretty good food routine during the week:

  • Breakfast: Porridge with cinnamon and an apple, no added sugar
  • Morning tea: Nothing, or a piece of fruit, or a protein shake on workout days
  • Lunch: Cos lettuce leaves, a poached egg, parmesan flakes, and on workout days a piece of toast or two. Also half an avocado recently, since my mum gave me a bag!
  • Afternoon tea: Three rice cakes, or a banana on workout days
  • Evening (after work snack): A small amount of left overs, or a sandwich using only one slice of bread
  • Dinner: Eating so few calories during the day means that I can have almost whatever I want for dinner, within reason. It has to meet my remaining calories and roughly meet my macros. There’s at least two veggies involved, and one meat. Last night it was osso buco. The night before it was broccoli cheese with courgette, salami and a small amount of macaroni.

The weekends are a bit harder, because it’s so easy to be lazy and just go out. Also, we go shopping at the end of the weekend, so we often run out of food, or it goes off. But now I have to make an effort, because I’ve agreed to not eat junk food for a month.

The month started yesterday. I could not see the point of waiting until July. How it began was that my fiance, who will henceforth by known as Tony, has a sister who decided to do Dry July. Basically that means people sponsor her, she doesn’t drink any alcohol during July, and then the sponsored money goes to a charity. Tony decided he would also like to give up something, and chose video games. He then suggested I give up something… And here I am. So that basically means no chips, no chocolate, no crackers, no biscuits, no McDonalds, BK, KFC. I’m pretty sure this will be easy, of course, but this is only day two. Let’s see what I say on Day 20!


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