Starting Stage 5

So, Stage 5 is Stage 3 all over again… Except with much lower reps, and one more set for each exercise. And can you believe it, having only 4 reps per set makes a huge difference. Higher weights seem more achieveable, and I feel more prepared to push myself. I was very pleased this morning to push my One-legged Romanian Deadlift to 10kg, and my Barbell Bent-Over Row to 25kg! I feel like I’ve gotten a good and challenging workout at last, something that I find difficult to do with even just eight reps.

And oh yes – the dreaded Bodyweight Matrix is back. It is still horrible but this time, after getting a bit stronger, it’s the slightest bit easier, and I finished one set in 4min 1sec. Woohoo!

I’ll check in about Stage 5b on Wednesday. Happy lifting!


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