Stage 5b

I really enjoyed this workout when it was in Stage 3. Here in Stage 5, I think I prefer 5a, even with the bodyweight matrix. It starts off with Romanian Deadlift/Bent Over Rows. I love deadlifts, in all the variations I’ve tried, but I find rows to be one of the most boring lifts I’ve tried. I’m not a huge fan of the lateral and hip flexion moves either – I am probably not doing them quite right because they are not much of a challenge at all. To Google and Youtube!

However! I have been naughty… I’d never done back extensions before. There is no picture in the book so I didn’t actually know what the back extension machine looked like. I did Google it at home but there are weird similar machines at the gym so I didn’t know which was the real back extension machine. This morning I plucked up the courage to ask a trainer which one it was, and how to use it. I tried it with a 4kg medicine ball and got things working best holding it above my head. Only four reps, remember!

We’ll see how Stage 5 continues.


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