Becoming a morning person

Every workout morning it’s a battle to get up. It’s been really cold lately, and the sun hasn’t even risen yet. Being snuggled warm in bed that early in the morning is one of the greatest pleasures in life. My past self knows this, and has masochistically set my phone alarm to go off at 6.15am, and then at ten minute intervals afterwards.

After stumbling out of bed and changing into the workout clothes, it doesn’t seem so cold. My workout clothes must have magical warming properties. I’ve laid out everything the night before: workout clothes; the day’s meals prepared and in the fridge, handbag, gym bag packed. I just need to grab it all and go.

And at the gym, once I’ve warmed up, and started to get my blood moving, I know I’ll be gold for the rest of the morning. Mood-wise, temperature-wise, energy-wise… Everything is great.

And then I have a delicious breakfast of peanut butter toast or apple-cinnamon porridge and a chocolate protein shake when I get to work. This is how I become a morning person.


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