Before I started working out, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. Getting to bed early was fine, I could be in bed by 21:30, falling asleep took a couple of hours.

As soon as I added exercise in, wham! I was in bed at 21:30 and asleep by 21:35. It was so good. I love sleeping, so maximising my sleep time is what I’m all about!

Recently, though, I’ve been having trouble again. I woke up exhausted today, and then had to do workout 5a, which is freaking hardout. It was probably not the best decision, as during the one-arm overhead squats I was so sleepy I almost dropped the dumbbell on my head. I get to sleep in tomorrow, because, yay, day of rest. The best thing to do for Friday is to see how I feel on the morning, ignoring the cold and the dark of course.


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