Shit’s going down

I’ve lost 2.5kg in the past month! Woo yeah! I’m super stoked. Calorie counting is working for me! And it’s so much easier to stick to an allotted number by eating regular meals, rather than restricting foods.

Speaking of food restrictions, the junk food one is going okay. I’ve slipped up a couple of times, mostly from just eating something without thinking, like sharing a cupcake (and a lamington) at work functions, or redefining junk food (Burger Fuel’s burgers are debateable; their milkshakes, chips and delicious kumara chips are definitely junk food in my book!).

So, what exactly do I live on? I track pretty consistently on My Fitness Pal. Porridge, toast or crumpets for breakfast, rice cakes or a protein shake for morning tea, a salad or sandwich for lunch, rice cakes or nothing for afternoon tea.

And… How many calories? Well, I’m 163cm tall, and currently 63.1kg. On workout days I aim for 1700 calories. On non-workout days I aim for 1500. It’s easy if I have the same things for the first four meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea), or aim to get 200 calories for each of these. That leaves me with plenty for an evening snack after work and a normal dinner.

PS. If you’re going to change your diet or lifestyle, please talk to a doctor first! Please be sensible when reducing calories too – I feel really crappy when I don’t get enough, and it’s just not healthy or sustainable.


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