The “No Junk Food” Month

I have failed again in my month of no junk food.

Last weekend, Tony and I went up north to suss out wedding venues. Travelling up north is always a food issue; firstly, we stay with family, so I can’t control what they feed us, and secondly, we stay with family, so naturally they like to make our favourite food. And thirdly, we like to take snacks when we go (it was a two hour drive on each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Somehow, those snacks ended up being caramel slice, caramel KitKats, and this wonderful block of Donovan’s. Except I’d bought two blocks, and ate the other one when we got home. I definitely got my just desserts though – I have a giant pimple on my nose, the first in a long time!

However! Despite my horrific downfall, I still managed to stay under my calorie limit, and saw 62.9kg on the scales this morning. Yay! So… I was 65.6kg at the beginning of June, and 63.1kg a week ago. That’s not a huge decrease, and is probably negligible, but I’ll take it.

So far, 2.7kg down, or for those less metrically-minded, that’s just under 6lb.


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