Starting Stage 6

So, Workout 6a is a surprising change. For one, there are only four exercises. And there are only two sets for each exercise (the first time you do it). The reps are higher, but I was in the gym at 7:10 and into the shower at 7:36. It is very quick compared to Workout 5a.

Workout 6b looks to be the same, just 5 exercises in this one.

All of the exercises are either ones we’ve done before, or natural progressions of previous exercises (eg. Barbell Split Squat, which is what I felt Partial Single-Leg Squat was working towards).

There is also a bit of variation in the number of reps and sets, so pay close attention! We don’t want to end up doing 4 sets of 10 reps of Barbell Split Squats.

This could be my favourite Stage yet.


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