Being sick is a pain

But that’s not really news.

It seems to happen on the workout days that you were really looking forward to. One minute you’re pulling up your deadlifting socks, the next you’re hanging onto the edge of the bedpost because your balance is shot.

I must be feeling run down this year. I’ve been sick a lot. And I worry about that, probably too much. Am I working out too hard? Not eating enough? I don’t think either are true, because physical progress has been sloooow. I love my sleep, maybe I just need more of that. More veggies? Less milk? Maybe I worry too much?

Maybe I just caught the bug that’s been going around, and that is that.

Okay, my concentration is wavering, so I think it’s time to sleep… For the fourth time today.


5 thoughts on “Being sick is a pain”

  1. I haven’t been seriously sick yet this winter (fingers crossed!). I am attributing it to: 1 x fish oil supplement daily, 2 x magnesium & zinc pills daily, a protein shake each morning with a powder that has lots of vitamins, and a woman’s multi vitamin on the days I don’t have a shake. I’ve also noticed I need loads of sleep now I’m working out hard, so some nights (like tonight!) I just go to bed at 9pm. I’m really trying to look after my body and it seems to be paying off.

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