Reactiv Supplements Pure NZ Whey

Okay, I’m pretty excited and hesitant to try this one. Excited, because its interesting… Locally made, hormone free, and unflavoured. Hesitant, because, well, unflavoured.

I mixed this one up with water because it just felt weird mixing it up with milk. That, and I suspect milk has been upsetting my tummy lately. I’ll try it with milk next time.

Flavour: Have you ever had milk made from milk powder? And then added too much water? This is what it tastes like. There’s that weird “rubbery” flavour which I think I will just have to accept as just the way whey tastes. It’s not delicious. It is drinkable.

It leaves an aftertaste like cheese (reminds me specifically of Kapiti Ramara, a stinky but yummy washed rind).

Texture/mixing: It mixes really well (with water). No lumps at all.

Other thoughts: I would probably drink this again. I’d experiment with adding cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc, or using milk instead of water. It would make a really nice protein smoothie as it’s a pretty mild milky flavour.

Powder Flavour Kilocalories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sugar (g)
Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Double Rich Chocolate 120 24 1 3 1
Balance Vanilla 111 25 0 2 0
Gaspari Myofusion Chocolate 150 25 3 5 2
Horleys Sculpt Swiss Chocolate 94 18 1 2 1
Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Delicious Strawberry 110 24 1 2 1
Reactiv Supplements Pure NZ Whey Unflavoured 122 23.7 1.7 2.4 2.4

Other news: As I was typing this, more samples arrived! This time from another NZ company, KSL. Super stoked that I get to try out all these different brands and flavours.


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