The end of Stage 6!

Wow! Even with a week of sickness, that went by quick! Though as previously mentioned, I am going to repeat this stage. I don’t think my efforts were good enough: I’d been doing the lat pulldowns wrong, and completely missed out the negative chinups and pushups, AND I also only learned how to do an incline reverse crunch today… That’s pretty poor. I’ll definitely make a better effort this time around! The exercises I have been doing are really really good, though!

So, what’s been going on in the gym this week?

  • Barbell split squat is now up to 40kg/4reps
  • Dumbbell single-arm rows are up to 16kg/4reps
  • Barbell reverse lunges are at 16kg/4reps also (limited by my arm strength)
  • Stalled on dumbbell push presses (9kg/4reps), due to neck strain
  • Up to 45kg/2reps on lat pulldowns
  • Back extension at 6kg… I really need to bring some weights downstairs for these to be more challenging.

So, more of this on Monday! Bigger, better, and more badass.


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