Small successes

There hasn’t been a lot of new stuff going on in my training. I did try Reactiv’s protein powder in my soy milk today, and quite liked it. Which is good, because I have a 500g bag of it. Good call on that one Nick!

But what I really came here to write about was a small success in the gym today. I did negative chin ups, which is one of the exercises in NROLFW which is meant to bring you closer to a proper chin up. The following video is an example, but the lady is using an overhand grip, so technically it is a negative pull-up (less bicep-heavy, and generally harder to do).

So I can jump to the top, and I can hold myself there! I have my stopwatch on my phone running to time myself as I slowly control myself downwards… I got to nine seconds. When I started this stage a few weeks ago, I couldn’t hold myself up. Small successes!


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