Wintry work lunches

I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner: I’ve finally gotten sick of salad for lunch. 

Unique caesar salad presentation
Wish my salads looked like this…

Though to be fair, now isn’t the ideal time for leafy salads. It’s winter in New Zealand. It’s cold and wet, and intermittently sunny. Things like tomatoes, avocados and cucumbers are out of season and are ridiculously expensive. I’ve been struggling to come up with fit lunches for work that are good on a winter day. Because sometimes you need something warming.

I tend to go for the following, though they aren’t necessarily “fit foods”.

  • Soup. I tend to buy them for lunch rather than make them. But I spent last winter eating them. Most aren’t that high in protein, but they are around 200cal/serve. Which is okay.
  • Stew. Particularly leftovers. Hearty, delicious and warm. However, depending on what you put in it, it can be high cal. Since I make my dinners more “freely” (ie. more oil, butter, fatty meat) this can be an issue.
  • Leftover risotto. I looove risotto. But lots of carbs.
  • Toast. With butter and cheese. This is a pretty desperate, “I’m completely unprepared” lunch which has been featuring in my lunch menu a lot in the past week.

Anyone have some good wintry work lunch ideas?


2 thoughts on “Wintry work lunches”

  1. I just take leftovers from dinner. Convinces me to try and make healthier dinners and I hate salad. Even in summer I hate salad!

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