Stage 7 begins

And it was not fun. It was one of the hardest workouts of my life. Unless I’m with a Personal Trainer, I don’t usually push myself so hard I feel like puking. I almost cried at the end of sets. And one day later, my hamstrings are incredibly sore with DOMS.

It was good to have normal squats in there again, and I started at 40kg for 8 reps, then 45kg for another 8. I’d really like to get to 65kg by the end of the stage – my squat progress has been ridiculously slow for various reasons, but I think it’s time to start pushing it again.

Next workout begins with incline bench press, something I’m a little nervous about. I have done the Roll of Shame a few times before, but I still hate it.

I will be asking someone to spot me tomorrow instead. Hopefully no tears tomorrow.


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