Stage 7, Workout 2

The second workout of Stage 7 was okay. I only did 3 of the alternating sets instead of 4, because I was lazy this morning then ran out of time at the gym.

I did get help with the incline bench presses, and the trainer who helped me said to just come to him if I ever needed a spot. Which was nice. I am still very weak on that lift though – I managed 20kg on my own for 6 reps, but 25kg was a bit much ang I was glad for my spotter. My arms were shaking a lot after the workout – eyeliner was a challenge this morning! But it was good, if frustrating (so many reps! So many sets!).

Next workout begins with deadlifts, a former favourite of mine. I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t actually deadlifted normally in about six months. That is one thing that bugs me about this programme. I feel like I am losing something – strength? form? – from changing the exercises so much. I do feel like the negative chin ups in the previous stage were kind of pointless, since they are not in this stage. Won’t I lose my “gains”? But I suppose I am not a trainer.

So, deadlifts next. Let’s see how that goes.


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