Blending it up


This thing is really cool. There is even a drink lid, so you take your shake with you.

There was some really exciting news when I got to work yesterday morning: We now have an office blender. This is fantastic because I am getting bored of porridge every morning, and it means I can also soup up my protein shakes with fruit and veg. We are also fortunate enough to have a box of fruit delivered to work every Monday, so I can have a bit of fun coming up with “recipes” and combos.

So far, banana, kiwifruit, yoghurt, soymilk, protein powder and water has been a success. Much better if it was cold… Perhaps ice will help?

Apple, rolled oats, soymilk, protein powder and water was less successful. It separated, and there was a thick foam.

I think that frozen berries will be a very good addition, so they’ll be going on my shopping list next week! I’m also keen to try carrots in my shakes. And rhubarb too, if I every get around to stewing the stalks I have in my fridge. And tinned mango… So many options!

Do you have any favourite smoothie recipes?


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