The end of New Rules of Lifting for Women

It’s crept up surprisingly quickly: Tomorrow is my last day doing New Rules of Lifting For Women. After my initial shock at starting Stage 7, it’s actually turned out to be quite a good stage.

I don’t think I will do the whole programme again, but I will use the parts that worked for me:

  • Interval training
  • More dumbbell exercises
  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Stage 6

It’s an okay programme for women getting started with lifting. Some workouts take far too long (Stage 5, I’m talking about you) and the Body Weight Matrix is a killer. I don’t think I got the most out of it as I couldn’t do some exercises due to my neck issues. There is also the fact that the writers no longer believe certain exercises should be performed, like crunches.

So, where to from here? I am not sure. I keep changing my mind. But I am leaning towards Rachel Cosgrove’s Drop 2 Sizes, another programme for women, which is only 3 months long.


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