What’s next?

After New Rules of Lifting For Women, I feel like I have a bit more lifting experience under my belt, and have been thinking about creating my own programme based on Stages 6 and 7 – working down the reps like Stage 6, and using one big lift as a starter, followed by accessory lifts, like Stage 7. But I’m not quite sure. There is another programme which I will give a shot first, because it looks fun and it is written by Alwyn’s wife, Rachel Cosgrove.

It’s Drop 2 Sizes, and the book title makes me cringe. The book’s writing makes me cringe. But the workouts and exercises look really good – and are in a similar style to NROLFW.

Inbetween the “this will help you drop 2 sizes” and “think about yourself positively”, there are references to studies about how strength training is beneficial to women, and how women who diet tend to have fluctuating body weight, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy or even where they want to be aesthetically. This is all great content to encourage a beginner to lifting, but it reads like an informercial.

Aside from that, the programme looks great! There’s a good range of exercises, and a prescribed warmup session called RAMP which is meant to be performed every day.

There are three stages, each one lasting one month, and within that there are two strength workouts and some “metabolic” workouts which I have not yet, er, worked out.

The exercises are variations on solid basic lifts like squats, lunges and presses, which will keep things interesting. After doing NROLFW I’m actually amazed at the number of variations of rows that exist. And lunges. There is a very sadistic someone out there who must spend their days coming up with new forms of lunges.

Also, it covers one of the things I griped about in NROLFW: the lack of a detailed meal plan. Drop 2 Sizes has shopping lists and a weekly meal plan with varied meals and recipes, which makes me happy.

But still, I’m not quite convinced. The workouts do look long, and I definitely won’t finish the programme before the wedding. I think I will miss my lat pulldowns. And there are a lot of new exercises to learn. Like I said, I’ll give it a shot, and see what I think.


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