Life post-appendix: 10 weeks

Every now and then I feel bad about not visiting the gym since December. Then my former appendix site is all “Hey, remember that dude who used to hang around here? What happened, we used to be tight” and kicks up a fuss and I end up in hospital again. It’s two and a half months on and I’m still getting significant pains on and off. I’ve been sent to hospital twice in the past month, with no obvious explanation for the pain. I’m going to see a specialist in the next couple of months, hopefully.

In the meantime, how do you return to weightlifting after major surgery? Especially one where recovery hasn’t been smooth? I suppose it won’t be soon, nor fast. I wonder how weak I’ve gotten – and how far back I’ve regressed for strength training.

I have been consulting with my doctors about what to do – low impact exercise like swimming or cycling. It is obviously rather frustrating not being able to do any exercise because of the pain. Hopefully this gets better.


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