The start of Supercharged

Someone, possibly Lou Schuler, said that when you lift, you learn something about yourself. I learned a lot today.

After a week of procrastinating, I went to the gym this morning. I started New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged, doing the sample workout for Basic I. It’s very similar in format to New Rules of Lifting for Women. The exercises are nothing scary, although push ups receive my hatred like almost no other exercise.


Some of the things I learned included:

  • As expected after abdominal surgery, my core is weak. My right side is especially difficult with side planks, though I am not sure if it is exceptionally weak or if it is just that the pain from the appendix site makes it hard to perform the exercise with any sort of longevity.
  • Push ups, even with hands elevated on a Smith machine, are hard. Unfortunately that means I need to work on them.
  • Box jumps aren’t so bad! Apart from jarring my appendix side pains on landings, they are quite fun.
  • My quads popped out after some squats. Yay! They’re still there!

It’s easy to forget just how good exercising makes me feel. It’s more than the smugness of actually going to the gym. After I exercise, I feel more awake. Despite using a lot of energy at the gym, for the rest of the day I don’t feel like falling asleep at my desk. I feel happier in general, and I feel like I want to keep exercising. I think going to the gym is one of the easier habits for me to get back into. The only issue now is if my appendix site gives me more grief. Let’s hope it stays put!


4 thoughts on “The start of Supercharged”

  1. Ah, good for you. I have been lifting for a month now and I still don’t have the “energy” people are referring to. And not at all the “pump” others are talking about. But, it is still early. I hate push-ups as well. They make me feel very weak (mostly because I am)

    1. It did take a while when I first started to get the extra energy. I had to make sure I ate enough – a novel idea to me at the time – and slept enough too!

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