Second workout in!

That deserves a post, surely. It’s been pretty hard to get out of bed this week, especially with classes on Monday and Tuesday night (we were there until 21:10 last night, I had dinner at 21:50). I did make it to the gym this morning, and even did all my foam rolling after.

After my workout today, I am pretty hungry and very sleepy. Hurry up, lunch time!

For lunches, I really like packet soups. The premade kind, not the kind you reconstitute. I’ve found that Naked Cuisine make some delicious ones, and they have a pretty good range so I never get bored. I’ve also found out they do curries too! Tony and I tried out the Massaman Thai Curry last night, and it was actually good. Thai ranks highly on my list of “least favourite cuisines”, so this is saying something. I am planning on trying the North Indian curry and the Singaporean Laksa very soon!


3 thoughts on “Second workout in!”

    1. New World should have them. They are a little pricier than other brands but I have liked every Naked Cuisine product that I’ve tried… And none of them contain meat as a main ingredient (not sure if they contain things like egg as a minor ingredient, but definitely dairy). I was surprised when I realised that!

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