February calories

I just wanted to note down that I really began being strict with my calorie goal on 1 Feb. That was the day I sprained my ankle. It has been 5 days and I am starting to walk at my normal quantity today (10,000 to 13,000 steps per day). So far sticking to the limit has brought my weight from 67.8kg to 66.7kg. It’s definitely not a fluke, as previously I hadn’t broken 67.3kg.

It hasn’t been too hard either because the calories matter, so I can have things I want, just less of them. I even got to have KFC today. Their salad is definitely no match for my favourite, Wicked Wings, but there was less of the bad stuff and the breading on the fillet had that KFC flavour, which was enough to make me happy. I have also come across low calorie drinks that aren’t artificially sweetened, which is great. I’m really liking the Höpt Salted Lychee one – it’s only 67 calories!

Here’s hoping this forms a new habit and I can get back to a healthy weight.


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