Mid Feb Calorie Update

In terms of daily life, it has been relatively easy to keep to my calorie limit. I eat the same breakfast every morning (258 calories). Lunch is often sushi (304 calories), or skipped. I have a iced long black in the afternoon (54 calories), and that usually leaves me with around 600 calories for dinner.

This week I’ve actually planned dinners, which should help! I’m on a bit of a Korean food kick at the moment. I have a tub of gochujang, a spicy pepper paste, which adds a lot of flavour and keeps things interesting without adding many calories. Last night I shared an excellent gochujang salmon fillet with my husband. Tonight it’s a step across the sea for teriyaki chicken.

It’s interesting seeing what the scale does just with a calorie limit. I’m not able to exercise just yet because I twisted my ankle at the beginning of Feb, and it is still stiff and painful in some movements. My weight fluctuates a bit, but the fluctuations have been larger than before I started limiting my calories. For instance, previously I sat at 66.7kg, occasionally dipping to 66.4kg. Since starting, I’ve been as high as 68.1kg (sob) and as low as 66.2kg (yay, that’s today!). It’s hard to know what’s going on. Maybe it’s too early to tell. Maybe my scales are just crap.

I know, I should probably take measurements and photographs, and not just rely on the scales. It’s a pretty scary move. I’d almost rather not know how I measure up right now. But I guess it’s better to know more now so I can have a good comparison at the end.


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