The Twisted Ankle


So yeah,  this happened on 1 Feb. Hence my current lack of exercise.

I was out on a run, and stepped in a hole where part of the footpath had broken away, but grass had grown in it, making the hole invisible. I felt my ankle twist unnaturally and I fell forward onto a stony driveway.

My knees were pretty scraped up. I’ll keep those gory photos to myself. One is still bandaged up, but I no longer have to get a nurse to change the dressings.

Right now, I can do a daily 2 km walk with some pain. Running is right out for another couple of weeks. My ankle still can’t handle twisting motions or force very well.

My phone’s screen is pretty gritty and the screen protector is the only thing holding it together. Luckily our insurance came through and I have a nice new phone to play with now while I recover!


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