February 2015

I’m down 2kg from the start of February. This has been mainly diet (calorie counting) due to my ankle injury.

The ankle is still improving. It is still painful at some angles and on uneven ground. Running is right out of the question.

Hopefully a gym membership will be on the cards soon. My ankle limits me, but I have a lot of time which I could be using on getting back my upper body strength or my core strength.

Or anything really. I’ll be starting from scratch again no matter what I do, and that has been a hard truth to face. I worked so hard, and dedicated so many hours, kept track of my progress and learned as much as I could. But that didn’t matter. Once the trouble started, I ended up in worse condition than when I began. Still, there’s nowhere to go but forwards. I’ve dropped the dead weight and now I need to find my next step. But it’s difficult when even walking is painful.

My goals for March are to find an affordable and well-equipped gym, continue limiting my calories, and request advice from my doctor. It will be hard.


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