Neala and Tony Go To The Gym

Well, we made it. The alarm went off at 6am, and after the five-minute snooze and a few last-minute dashes, we made it out the door and into the gym at 6:40. I think.

We planned to just muck around, as this was pretty much Tony’s first time in the gym. With only 20 minutes, all we got to do was cycle and do some lat pulldowns. But since neither of us are particularly fit, that was probably enough for the first day.

The gym is the same as ever. I suppose there are a couple of differences – one is that they now have free Wifi for members (yusss) and they have gotten rid of the broken cycles (also yusss).

We’ll be doing New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged on the hypertrophy track. This weekend we’ll be picking out the exercises we want to do for Basics I. Then I hope on Monday we’ll get started.

I’m feeling better today than normal, despite the early wake up. I was up late-ish last night. This isn’t really fitness related, but I’m kind of bent on getting a puppy. I’ve come across a breeder I really like, and naturally had to spend several hours last night reading about each of their dogs and deciding which one I’d like to have my future puppy. It’s a pretty doubtful wish at the moment, because very few landlords in Auckland will allow dogs. But I am so keen to have this cute little puppy, and go through the training and the socialising and she can come on my walks and runs with me, and we’ll go hiking and then when she’s grown, see if she enjoys agility and if she wants to become a Wonder Dog. That is my puppy dream. I feel a bit like Bernard and his summer girl, but of course the puppy will be a forever dog. I’d love a best friend.


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