EatSmart Precision Bathroom Scale

My new bathroom scale arrived last week, and I think it has been pretty good. I’ve been stuck on 65kg since they arrived, and I was starting to worry that they were faulty, but today there has been a move down to 64.5kg.

EatSmart Precision Scale

After intensely studying Amazon reviews, I chose the EatSmart Precision scale. Unfortunately, the company only sells their scales to US customers. I even emailed the company in the hopes they might make an exception, but nope. I did receive a quick and kind response from their VP though. eBay sellers, on the other hand, are more open to international markets.

So the thing arrived last week by courier, taking about two weeks from ordering to arrival. It’s stable, it’s shiny, and it weighs in pounds, kilos and stone. It highlights all the areas where my old scale failed: unstable, inaccurate, too small to stand on comfortably. I’m very pleased with the new set.


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