The Dreaded Before Photos

I’d rather not be here, and I’d rather no-one saw me right now.

That is, basically, what I have been thinking the past few weeks. So taking the Before photos was a huge, I really don’t want to do this task. I’ve put it off for the past few days, but finally just did them this morning, in the bathroom, with my *average phone camera.

I was a little surprised by the photos, I’ll be honest. Pleasantly surprised. Mostly by the back one.


If my front matched my back, I’d be stoked. But because of my PCOS, I tend to put on fat on my stomach. And that isn’t healthy. And people have asked if I am pregnant. And because of PCOS, should I want to have children, it will be a difficult endeavour. It’s a cruel situation. But, if in doubt whether to ask if a woman is pregnant, consult this chart. Otherwise, you’re just a meanie, and I don’t like you anymore.

Tirade over, the rest of the photos are behind the cut. NSFW warning – sports bra and short shorts.

*Average as an adjective: I mean “not good”, “lame”, or “bad”. That’s pretty average = That’s pretty lame.

Bicep Front Side


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