Going to the Dogs

After not a lot of convincing, Tony and I went to the park this morning to check out a dog event. It seemed like every man and his dog (ha!) turned up, and it was great. I’m pretty sure no-one even noticed that we didn’t have a dog, because there were so many of them running about. We spotted a black Labrador ball thief who, despite already having a ball in his mouth, chased after another which had been thrown for a very disinterested Neopolitan Mastiff, picked that one up too, and ran off into the distance.

We also came across a Doberman, who found another Doberman, and somehow, a third Doberman materialised and they formed an exclusive Doberman gang. Later on, as we went on a walk around the park, we saw one of them racing towards us. It is a little bit worrying seeing such a large muscular dog galloping your way, but obviously he had other things on his mind. About five metres away, he realised we were not, in fact, his humans, stopped in his tracks, and trotted back towards his black and tan pals.

There was a pond there for the pups to have a bit of a swim. We counted no less than six dogs in there at a time, and about four tennis balls floating around ignored. One dog in particular was particularly moved by the pond experience, and barked non-stop during his time there. Another, a gorgeous red and white Border Collie, jumped out of the pond and gave each of the nearby humans a shower as she vigorously shook herself dry.

I can’t believe how many dogs, and how many different types of dogs, there were. It almost seemed like every breed was represented – from mainstays like German Shepherds, Labradors, Poodles, Collies of all kinds and Golden Retrievers, to less commonly-seen breeds like the Weimaraner, Great Dane, and of course the Shibe! To our amusement, not all the dogs were pleased to be there. We spotted a very reluctant Samoyed being coaxed over a jump (and then just walking under it), and a very stubborn fluffy Mastiff-looking dog who refused to walk with his lookalike owner.

It was probably the first really good day I’ve had in a long time. I really hope that one day I’ll be able to attend the event with a pup of my own in tow.


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