Flyball is awesome

Holy moly, is flyball the best sport ever to watch?

(There is only one answer and that is YES.)

This is what it is: fast, exciting, and most of all, cute.

My theoretical dog and I are going to do this one day.


4 thoughts on “Flyball is awesome”

  1. Its one of the best bits about watching crufts i get proper into it shouting at the tele encouraging a team what i randomly pick to support to win.

    1. Hah, so do I! My husband teases me about my shouting and squealing. Agility is great too, the small dogs are so cute going over their little jumps!

      1. I love agility too, shame they don’t show much of the heal to dance bit too only little clips they show. I would of liked to see more but guess can’t see it all on tele.

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