Last Day of March

I’ve been fretting (to put it lightly) about my lack of progress in March. March has been a bad month for the scales, and a very bad month mentally.

In the past week I’ve seriously tightened my kilojoule count. EVERYTHING that doesn’t come out of a packet is weighed on my food scale to the closest gram. EVERYTHING I put in my mouth goes onto My Fitness Pal. FINALLY I am seeing a slight downward movement. Today I was the lowest I’ve been since I started my calorie counting: 64.2kg. It’s not much of a change as I’ve been sitting around 64.5kg for the past week, and before that had sat on 65kg for about 3 weeks. As I keep saying, I hope this is part of a downward trend.

Foodwise, I’ve decided to keep my favourite things like barbacoa, but instead serve it on cooked veg instead of tortillas. I am not really big on salady stuff, especially lettuce, but I bought a big bunch of silverbeet, spinach, portabello mushrooms, green beans and courgettes, which I’ll cook up instead of having the usual corn tortillas. The feijoas on the tree out front are becoming ripe too, and I look forward to adding them to my daily diet.

I’ve done a lot of flip-flopping on programmes, as usual. I have started Supercharged again, initially to support Tony, but now we have decided to sort out our fitness separately. I enjoy the Supercharged workouts much more than LiveFit, so hopefully I’ll actually stick with it. Thanks to Supercharged, and my inability to do squat jumps right now, I learned the kettleball swing yesterday. That might become part of my metabolic workout.

I also discovered that the dog park is a pretty good walk from home. A round trip, including a walk around the park, is about 8km. That is definitely making it into my regular exercise regimen. I managed to complete a full Supercharged workout yesterday (including the metabolic workout, which is pretty much interval training), and then later do the 8km walk and still eat less than my allotted 5024 kilojoules/1200 calories. My ankle is still in pain so when it’s better I’ll be able to do more – maybe even running again.

I suppose I should start thinking about goals for April now too. I succeeded in finally seeing my doctor, seeing my osteo, and joining a gym. What will the next steps be, I wonder?


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