Easter Sunday


Trying hard for a minimum of 20,000 steps today. I think I’ll make it.

Today, on a whim, we decided to explore a park we’d never noticed before. We ended up two suburbs away from ours, and added nearly 3 km to our usual walk.

We didn’t really celebrate Easter this year, aside from enjoying the days off. Tony got an Easter egg from his work, and I just bought a Cadbury Creme Egg. I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with the current Creme Eggs. The fondant centre has nothing on the original caramel centre. It almost feels like a waste of my calories.

Speaking of calorie wastage, I chose to have a lamb pita from Habitual Fix for dinner on Thursday night. For a place that markets itself on being a healthy choice, that pita is ridiculously high in calories. I was pretty shocked when I looked it up on My Fitness Pal. A Big Mac is a much better pick when it comes to calories, and tastier to boot.
Another dish that has given me a nasty surprise in the past is Wagamama’s Chicken Katsu Curry. The meal by itself is twice my daily calorie limit! Shocking.
Aside from our big walk,  it has been a pretty chill weekend. We still have tomorrow left, and no plans yet aside from the usual dog park walk. Hopefully there’ll be some Border Collies around!


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