New this week

I’ve upped my kilojoules slightly and placed an emphasis on protein, from this week onwards. It’s hard, definitely, because carbs are so delicious, and I’ve been making a lot of feijoa jam and wanting to try it every day (you know, to make sure it still tastes like feijoas).

But to make things a little easier for myself and for Tony, I cooked a batch of meat slop. Most of us who frequent /r/fitness on reddit will be familiar with it: Basically beef mince and cabbage with spices, a good easy way to get some protein in you. I added in some onion, garlic, carrots and celery and fish sauce, and have a big bowl of it in the fridge that I have been chipping away at all week. As you may know, I absolutely love Korean food, and I’ve found that adding a drop of sesame oil, a tiny bit of soy sauce, and a big teaspoon of gochujang to a serving of meat slop transforms this otherwise average dish into something deliciously Korean-esque. Rather than having it for main meals, I’ve been having a bowl of meat slop as a late afternoon snack, and then preparing something more exciting for dinner.

The other new thing this week is my protein powder. I’m now lactose-intolerant, so my taste tests of 2012 aren’t of use to me anymore. I ended up choosing Nutra Life’s Whole+ protein powder in the chocolate flavour.

It does not taste like chocolate.

It does taste healthy. It is kind of gritty, a strange, fine grittiness, but as part of a smoothie it becomes quite enjoyable.


I kind of want another one now.

Gym-going is going well, but I’ll write a bit more about that in a separate post later.


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