It fuels my hate fire

Everything seems to be working together today, in a “why could I have not woken up today” kind of way. I’m all for the angry gym workout. I reckon the fire can help push through a workout mentally. It’s that little bit extra in that last rep, where your arms are almost failing and you can feel the tingle in your shoulders, but you must punch through it. It’s seeing whatever fuels your hate fire as you power through your last set, and it brings with it extra determination to prove it wrong.

All of that came together today, and then some. Some days I hate my fellow gymgoers, and today was one of those days. The old farter. The group of guys who shouted to each other randomly. The woman with headphones who sung along loudly. The other woman who claimed all the space in the warmup/cooldown area so she could do a circuit despite there being two other people wanting to use the area. And, the bro who thought it was okay to stand directly between the fan and me while I was midway through my kettlebell intervals, and whose disgusting perfume made me retch mid-set. UGH.

It has not been a good day. And I still have that initially angering issue to deal with. I almost need another workout.


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