Gross knee update

There’s one question I know everyone wants to ask, and that question is: how is that disgusting knee injury going?

It’s going okay.


There must have been a significant bit of flesh ripped out. Parts of it still feel like touching my raw flesh. It’s much too sensitive to shave, so it’s gross and hairy. Otherwise, it has healed, and hasn’t really changed in a couple of months (the accident happened on 1 Feb).

My ankle is mostly better. Some exercises make it hurt sometimes, so it’s kind of trial and error. Squats and lunges are the main instigator, so I’ve held back a bit from pushing myself on those. Though, all squats are a big push. Hah. Surprisingly running is mostly fine. There’s an occasional slight twinge, but otherwise, good to go.

So, still gross-looking, still sensitive, unlikely to change much anytime soon. That’s the gross knee update for today.


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