Gross knee update

There’s one question I know everyone wants to ask, and that question is: how is that disgusting knee injury going?

It’s going okay.


There must have been a significant bit of flesh ripped out. Parts of it still feel like touching my raw flesh. It’s much too sensitive to shave, so it’s gross and hairy. Otherwise, it has healed, and hasn’t really changed in a couple of months (the accident happened on 1 Feb).

My ankle is mostly better. Some exercises make it hurt sometimes, so it’s kind of trial and error. Squats and lunges are the main instigator, so I’ve held back a bit from pushing myself on those. Though, all squats are a big push. Hah. Surprisingly running is mostly fine. There’s an occasional slight twinge, but otherwise, good to go.

So, still gross-looking, still sensitive, unlikely to change much anytime soon. That’s the gross knee update for today.


Currently sick

I never really feel compelled to eat boiled eggs unless I’m sick. Then it’s game on. My favourite are when the whites are solid and the yolks are still a bit runny – thicker, but runny. It’s a tricky business getting them perfect, and today, I didn’t succeed.

Never mind. My excuse is that I’m sick and I shouldn’t really be boiling eggs anyway. But arroz caldo is not quite the same without them. Arroz caldo literally means hot rice. It looks slightly better than hot wet rice.

It involves ginger, garlic, onion, rice, chicken, and chicken stock in a delicious medley that is pretty much the only food I want when I’m sick. Think of it as chicken soup in risotto form, but with extra goodies like boiled eggs and lemon juice. I got pretty close to my protein goal a couple of days ago thanks to my unholy cravings for eggs.

My big plans for the rest of the week have gone out the window. My old plans involved daily gym training, daily walking, and running every other day. My new plans involve a couch, a duvet, a constant stream of hot drinks and a subscription to Netflix. And probably a pile of snotty tissues which no-one wants to know about. Where does it all come from?

Disgusting pondering aside, it’s now time to finish watching Chef’s Table.

It fuels my hate fire

Everything seems to be working together today, in a “why could I have not woken up today” kind of way. I’m all for the angry gym workout. I reckon the fire can help push through a workout mentally. It’s that little bit extra in that last rep, where your arms are almost failing and you can feel the tingle in your shoulders, but you must punch through it. It’s seeing whatever fuels your hate fire as you power through your last set, and it brings with it extra determination to prove it wrong.

All of that came together today, and then some. Some days I hate my fellow gymgoers, and today was one of those days. The old farter. The group of guys who shouted to each other randomly. The woman with headphones who sung along loudly. The other woman who claimed all the space in the warmup/cooldown area so she could do a circuit despite there being two other people wanting to use the area. And, the bro who thought it was okay to stand directly between the fan and me while I was midway through my kettlebell intervals, and whose disgusting perfume made me retch mid-set. UGH.

It has not been a good day. And I still have that initially angering issue to deal with. I almost need another workout.

Going to the Dogs

After not a lot of convincing, Tony and I went to the park this morning to check out a dog event. It seemed like every man and his dog (ha!) turned up, and it was great. I’m pretty sure no-one even noticed that we didn’t have a dog, because there were so many of them running about. We spotted a black Labrador ball thief who, despite already having a ball in his mouth, chased after another which had been thrown for a very disinterested Neopolitan Mastiff, picked that one up too, and ran off into the distance.

We also came across a Doberman, who found another Doberman, and somehow, a third Doberman materialised and they formed an exclusive Doberman gang. Later on, as we went on a walk around the park, we saw one of them racing towards us. It is a little bit worrying seeing such a large muscular dog galloping your way, but obviously he had other things on his mind. About five metres away, he realised we were not, in fact, his humans, stopped in his tracks, and trotted back towards his black and tan pals.

There was a pond there for the pups to have a bit of a swim. We counted no less than six dogs in there at a time, and about four tennis balls floating around ignored. One dog in particular was particularly moved by the pond experience, and barked non-stop during his time there. Another, a gorgeous red and white Border Collie, jumped out of the pond and gave each of the nearby humans a shower as she vigorously shook herself dry.

I can’t believe how many dogs, and how many different types of dogs, there were. It almost seemed like every breed was represented – from mainstays like German Shepherds, Labradors, Poodles, Collies of all kinds and Golden Retrievers, to less commonly-seen breeds like the Weimaraner, Great Dane, and of course the Shibe! To our amusement, not all the dogs were pleased to be there. We spotted a very reluctant Samoyed being coaxed over a jump (and then just walking under it), and a very stubborn fluffy Mastiff-looking dog who refused to walk with his lookalike owner.

It was probably the first really good day I’ve had in a long time. I really hope that one day I’ll be able to attend the event with a pup of my own in tow.

First week

It has been a really difficult week. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the end, but I got up, got to the gym for each of my four workouts, and came home, and here I am still, eating the last of the beef barbacoa and in need of a shower that I just don’t feel like taking right now.

I’m enjoying the split setup of LiveFit. My favourite day has been Day 1: Chest & Triceps, even though pushups are really hard and I hate them. Day 3, Wednesday, AKA Leg Day, was easily the worst.

parks-and-recreation-Jean-Ralphio-the-worst-worst-woooorst-1372637673pI’m not a huge fan of all the machine exercises like the leg extension, which felt weird, and wrong. Bad weird, and bad wrong. The one free weight exercise, wide stance squat, was… Okay. I think I have super tight quads, because after about eight reps, my thighs don’t seem to physically move very well at all. Oh yeah, and since my appendix surgery, barbell squats tend to aggravate my appendix site. It has been sore for the last two days. It hadn’t been sore since August 2014. Squats may be out for me.

Hilariously, Tony joined me for his very first ever Leg Day and did the exercises along with me. He’s still hobbling today – his hamstring DOMS seems to have matured overnight. It’s quite funny. He probably doesn’t think so.

Aside from actual gym-going, we have been trying to do a walk each evening, usually no less than 2.5km. It’s a nice way to catch up and also get more steps to beat my FitBit friends in the Workweek Hustle. It will happen one day. There’s a dog park not too far away, so yesterday we headed out there for my dog watching fix. It was great. We received a ridiculously enthusiastic greeting from a terrier of some kind (Schnauzer?), saw a chocolate lab and a pinscher make friends and run off into the distance (worried owners trailing behind), passed a border collie obsessed with his tennis ball, and watched a Rottweiler being a doofus and rolling around in the grass while her owner tried to get her to play fetch. Way more interesting than walking around the streets! It will have to become part of our regular walk now.

Now I have two rest days to look forward to. Sweet.

Hope for lactose-loving lactards


I mostly manage fine with an almost-dairy free existence these days. Aside from butter on my daily piece of toast, and the occasional moment of weakness when I just want a Trumpet, I’ve been pretty good.

I want one now, even though my tummy is gurgling in anticipations.
I kind of want a Trumpet now, even though my tummy is gurgling in anticipation.

When I found out about my lactard abilities, my gastro doctor told me there were pills you could take before you eat dairy products which enable you to live life like a normal person.

I’ve finally come across these mysterious pills in person, albeit in chewable form. Ice cream, cheeses, milkshakes, and yoghurt can be back on the menu! The pills apparently contain lactase, which means my stomach can actually process the lactose and not just grumble loudly and have a seizure in protest.

Trumpets, you could be mine. 

Of course, this could be disastrous for my calorie kilojoule counting. Since ice cream and my tummy have not been good friends, I haven’t wanted it as much, despite all I’ve said about Trumpets. Now that eating ice cream without pain is a possibility, it’ll also be another test on my willpower. I suppose with summer ending now, ice cream cravings will be fewer and further between.

Neala and Tony Go To The Gym

Well, we made it. The alarm went off at 6am, and after the five-minute snooze and a few last-minute dashes, we made it out the door and into the gym at 6:40. I think.

We planned to just muck around, as this was pretty much Tony’s first time in the gym. With only 20 minutes, all we got to do was cycle and do some lat pulldowns. But since neither of us are particularly fit, that was probably enough for the first day.

The gym is the same as ever. I suppose there are a couple of differences – one is that they now have free Wifi for members (yusss) and they have gotten rid of the broken cycles (also yusss).

We’ll be doing New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged on the hypertrophy track. This weekend we’ll be picking out the exercises we want to do for Basics I. Then I hope on Monday we’ll get started.

I’m feeling better today than normal, despite the early wake up. I was up late-ish last night. This isn’t really fitness related, but I’m kind of bent on getting a puppy. I’ve come across a breeder I really like, and naturally had to spend several hours last night reading about each of their dogs and deciding which one I’d like to have my future puppy. It’s a pretty doubtful wish at the moment, because very few landlords in Auckland will allow dogs. But I am so keen to have this cute little puppy, and go through the training and the socialising and she can come on my walks and runs with me, and we’ll go hiking and then when she’s grown, see if she enjoys agility and if she wants to become a Wonder Dog. That is my puppy dream. I feel a bit like Bernard and his summer girl, but of course the puppy will be a forever dog. I’d love a best friend.