What’s been going on?

It has been a wee while since I last updated, and that’s because there have been a lot of changes in my life.

First change: I got a job!

Second change: I stopped exercising!

Third change: I started exercising again!

So that’s a pretty good summary of the last six months. Let’s get into the deets.

I’ve started StrongLifts 5×5, and have been seeing some encouraging progress with my lifts. My deadlifts are at 55kg at 1×5 now, so I’m pretty happy about that! I did push a bit too hard though… I’m pretty average at maths, and loaded the bar with 75kg instead of 55kg and tried to lift that. So I’m now sorer than I’d normally be.

I’m getting back on C25K as well. I’m quickly learning what is working and not working for me when it comes to running. Eating or drinking in the 3 hours beforehand? Hell no. Unfortunately I wore off some of the flesh on my ankles and my running shoes have been rubbing on the sores. No running today.

To go with my increase in exercise, I’ve increased my calories too. To be honest, I’m really scared that I’ll feel completely terrible like I did back in May if I try exercising with a big calorie deficit. And not making gains in the gym is very demotivating. So I’ll see how this goes.

My weight has been sitting at around 63.6kg since I started eating more and exercising more. It’s pretty hard to not freak out about gaining weight again. I have to convince myself it’s not a huge deal, especially if I’m getting fitter.

Disgusting knee injury update: It’s okay. I have some purple scars and I have most of the feeling back in my right knee. Thanks for asking.

Appendix site pain: Woop it’s basically gone! Not even squats affect it now. I just have to keep taking a fibre supplement, probably for the rest of my life.

And that’s probably it for now.



I’m coming FIRST out of my Fitbit friends!

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 18.25.54

I’d like to take a moment to write a ridiculously silly thank-you speech.

Firstly, I could never have done this without the lure of the dog park. Without all the cute doggies in the park, I would never have had the motivation to go walking so regularly.

Relatedly, I’d also like to thank in particular the dogs who’ve taken a particular interest in me: The tiny schnauzer. The chunky black labrador. The grey mottled Great Dane. The black mutt by the dog pond. The uncontrollable shitting Jack Russell. The overexcited poodle pup. The joyful mud-covered blue Staffy pup. The red and white short-haired collie with the hiker. And most of all, the black and white border collie who came to me twice to give me a reassuring nose and lick on the hand when I was feeling really down. I remember each of you.

My osteo, whom without I’d probably still be in pain. The nurses and doctors who looked after my gross knee after my big fall in February.

My Fitbit friends for the competitive challenges.

And lastly, Tony, my husband, for encouraging me and helping me out with the cardio side of exercise, which I’ve never really liked until now.


The Twisted Ankle


So yeah,  this happened on 1 Feb. Hence my current lack of exercise.

I was out on a run, and stepped in a hole where part of the footpath had broken away, but grass had grown in it, making the hole invisible. I felt my ankle twist unnaturally and I fell forward onto a stony driveway.

My knees were pretty scraped up. I’ll keep those gory photos to myself. One is still bandaged up, but I no longer have to get a nurse to change the dressings.

Right now, I can do a daily 2 km walk with some pain. Running is right out for another couple of weeks. My ankle still can’t handle twisting motions or force very well.

My phone’s screen is pretty gritty and the screen protector is the only thing holding it together. Luckily our insurance came through and I have a nice new phone to play with now while I recover!

Ran uphill for 90 sec

This would not have happened two weeks ago.



I’m really liking this area for exercising. Starting from home, it’s just over 5km. Last night Tony and I walked the whole way around, and this morning did our C25K run/walk around half of the track.

I’ve also been enjoying taking photos when I’m out and about.


This is one from the walk home this morning. Most of the street art I admired has been painted over, and this is one of the few I’ve come across recently.

Today I didn’t completely hate running

And that is progress. It’s my fourth “active” day, so my fourth time I’ve let myself loose in the streets. And it’s Boxing Day. I’m stoked.

Getting outside also means I actually notice some of the cool things out there – like bees and mountains.



I received a Fitbit Flex from Mum and Dad, so I’ve started tracking steps. I’m considering linking it up to this blog too. It’s pretty nifty.

I’m pretty curious to see how this goes – running, exercising, and sticking to it.

Time for something completely different

Let’s face it. 2014 hasn’t been a high point for me. This mainly stems from my post-appendix aftermath, which frustratingly was mainly out of my control.

I won’t speak cryptically, so I won’t go any further into the could haves, would haves and should haves. I had fitness progress and I’m here to write!

I’ve been getting increasingly unfit and overweight this year. It means I’m unhappy, because all my hard work from 2012 and 2013 has been reversed, and because exercising made me a happier person overall. And I no longer belong to a gym. Hard truth time: I have to start running.

Running has never been my thing; any form of exercise that means any part of me wobbles or jiggles have been right out, powercleans aside of course. It’s early days yet, but I have a running partner, and a plan. I’m pretty determined to see it through. I finished New Rules of Lifting For Women. I know I can do this.