Today at the dog park

  • Laps walked: 2
  • Border Collies: 4
  • German Shepherds: 2
  • Labradors: 4
  • Dobermans (dobermen?): 2
  • Rottweilers: 1
  • Great Danes: 1
  • Cute dogs, but not sure of breed/mix: 3
  • Shelties: 1
  • Other small dogs: Lots
  • Dogs covered in mud: 2
  • Running shirtless men: 0
  • Women with uncontrollable shitting Jack Russells: 1
  • Good looking hipster men running with labradors: 1
  • Man I see everyday who walks around the park multiple times like me: 1, saw him 4 times
  • Dogs interested in my protein bar: 2
  • Dog interested in me: 2

Uplifting music

Gyms play an odd mix of music, don’t they? Mine has played the following in the past couple of weeks:

  • M2M (like, from the early 2000s)
  • The Spice Girls
  • JLo (1990’s selection)
  • Justin Bieber’s entire back catalogue
  • And of course recent random annoying songs like Britney & her male friend’s “Scream & Shout”, and Fall Out Boy’s “Light It Up which is less annoying. These play pretty much every time I go…

This interesting and frustrating mix of music inspired me to put together a playlist for lifting purposes. One day I might even bring my headphones and listen to it while lifting.

I find that Goth-y rock like Lacuna Coil, or angry rock like Godsmack and Disturbed is motivating and empowering.

What works for you? What gets your energy up and helps you lift better?