Unexpected side effects

Since I finished up the 20 Day No Cheat Challenge, I’ve not really been keeping track of my calories. It hasn’t been too bad though. I’m nowhere near as hungry as I used to be. In fact, I have to remember to eat regularly. I’ve since lost another kilo and a half without really trying to count calories, bringing me down to 61.4kg. I started on 68.1kg, so that’s not too bad. As long as I remember to eat, and eat enough.

I think it’s probably a good thing to not take gym-going as seriously as I did, and I’ve kind of moved my focus from fitness onto a creative side project. I still try and get out and go to the gym, but I’m not aggressively counting every gram of food, and I’m not pushing myself to my limits every time. Basically, I’m trying to enjoy myself when I work out. I still prefer running at the moment, but cold and rainy days are a bit of a deterrent.

Things are really looking up. Once I got started on my side project, things really started to turn around. I made another friend, this time a walking friend, which is really nice! We are both in similar situations and need a bit of time out to socialise and get out of the house, basically. So that’s nice.

And I guess no matter what happens on the job front, I have my side project, which I am extremely excited about. It’s in the works, I’ve got a website and a plan, and at the moment I am just waiting to hear back from potential suppliers before sorting out the finishing touches and launching for real. I think this is what I needed, a project to put my energy into, with the potential to make some pocket money. Best of all, the idea came to me when I was walking around the dog park… And every time I go, the ideas keep coming! I won’t say any more until it’s actually launched. But I want to. Haha.


Five weeks later

This is my knee, five weeks after tripping and falling. I’m surprised at how long it’s looked like this. I expected it to look almost normal again by now. There must have been more flesh lost than I’d thought.


Today I am finally meeting one of my goals: I’m seeing someone about sorting out my ankle. It’s still painful on uneven ground and with more than 2000 steps, and I still can’t move it much in some directions. And it’s still bigger and puffier than my right ankle.

Hopefully it’s an easy fix.

No bandage needed!


I just took the final bandage off my gross knee! Thanks to the care of my local White Cross, it looks so much better today, and I wonder if there will even be a scar once it’s fully healed.

I’ve been keeping track of how it looks between bandage changes, but I’m pretty sure no-one wants to look at gruesome photos of my knee. I’ll just say it’s amazing how much better it’s looking today compared to three weeks ago.

Parties and calories

It seems like everyone I know has made it their resolution this year to be more social – so almost every weekend there has been an event of some kind. We’re no exception of course, we moved house at the beginning of January and had a flatwarming party a few weeks later!

Parties make it really hard to meet my calorie goals. Partly because I don’t know how things are made, or sometimes even what they are, and partly because there is so much delicious food at parties. I’m managed to get around the high-calorie alcoholic drinks with my newfound Höpt option, and I think my best option for parties is to skip lunch and try to limit myself on portions and food choice. That seemed to work this past weekend, and my weight has been mostly below 67 kg this week. There has been a lot of variation (mostly after a particularly big blowout a couple of weeks ago) but I really hope this is the start of a downward trend.

Life post-appendix: 10 weeks

Every now and then I feel bad about not visiting the gym since December. Then my former appendix site is all “Hey, remember that dude who used to hang around here? What happened, we used to be tight” and kicks up a fuss and I end up in hospital again. It’s two and a half months on and I’m still getting significant pains on and off. I’ve been sent to hospital twice in the past month, with no obvious explanation for the pain. I’m going to see a specialist in the next couple of months, hopefully.

In the meantime, how do you return to weightlifting after major surgery? Especially one where recovery hasn’t been smooth? I suppose it won’t be soon, nor fast. I wonder how weak I’ve gotten – and how far back I’ve regressed for strength training.

I have been consulting with my doctors about what to do – low impact exercise like swimming or cycling. It is obviously rather frustrating not being able to do any exercise because of the pain. Hopefully this gets better.