Protein bars

I’ve been trying a few different protein bars over the past couple of weeks, and here are my findings.

  • Aussie Bodies make the best-tasting ones so far. Their Protein FX mini bars were on special at the supermarket, so they were the best choice last week. Every flavour I’ve tried (choc mint, choc raspberry, choc caramel) has tasted exactly as promised without that weird flavour that protein bars often have.
  • Quest bars are seriously overrated. I tried the most popular ones, which were double chocolate chunk, chocolate cookie dough, and the peanut butter cups. Double chocolate chunk was the best, because it was literally like eating blu-tack with bits of chocolate. The cookie dough one was just okay, it did taste a bit like cookie dough, but it had that weird protein aftertaste. And the peanut butter cups were just foul. I have a packet left, and I am definitely not eating them. Because they are bigger than the other two bars, they also have a higher calorie count.
  • Horley’s Carbless Delight were okay, not as bad as the Quest bars, but definitely some flavours were better than others. The chocolate coconut and the raspberry shortcake ones were probably my favourites, but it still tasted very fake.

This week I’ve got a couple more ProteinFX bar flavours, Choc Honeycomb and Rocky Road. Can’t wait to give those a go 😀