What’s been going on?

It has been a wee while since I last updated, and that’s because there have been a lot of changes in my life.

First change: I got a job!

Second change: I stopped exercising!

Third change: I started exercising again!

So that’s a pretty good summary of the last six months. Let’s get into the deets.

I’ve started StrongLifts 5×5, and have been seeing some encouraging progress with my lifts. My deadlifts are at 55kg at 1×5 now, so I’m pretty happy about that! I did push a bit too hard though… I’m pretty average at maths, and loaded the bar with 75kg instead of 55kg and tried to lift that. So I’m now sorer than I’d normally be.

I’m getting back on C25K as well. I’m quickly learning what is working and not working for me when it comes to running. Eating or drinking in the 3 hours beforehand? Hell no. Unfortunately I wore off some of the flesh on my ankles and my running shoes have been rubbing on the sores. No running today.

To go with my increase in exercise, I’ve increased my calories too. To be honest, I’m really scared that I’ll feel completely terrible like I did back in May if I try exercising with a big calorie deficit. And not making gains in the gym is very demotivating. So I’ll see how this goes.

My weight has been sitting at around 63.6kg since I started eating more and exercising more. It’s pretty hard to not freak out about gaining weight again. I have to convince myself it’s not a huge deal, especially if I’m getting fitter.

Disgusting knee injury update: It’s okay. I have some purple scars and I have most of the feeling back in my right knee. Thanks for asking.

Appendix site pain: Woop it’s basically gone! Not even squats affect it now. I just have to keep taking a fibre supplement, probably for the rest of my life.

And that’s probably it for now.


February 2015

I’m down 2kg from the start of February. This has been mainly diet (calorie counting) due to my ankle injury.

The ankle is still improving. It is still painful at some angles and on uneven ground. Running is right out of the question.

Hopefully a gym membership will be on the cards soon. My ankle limits me, but I have a lot of time which I could be using on getting back my upper body strength or my core strength.

Or anything really. I’ll be starting from scratch again no matter what I do, and that has been a hard truth to face. I worked so hard, and dedicated so many hours, kept track of my progress and learned as much as I could. But that didn’t matter. Once the trouble started, I ended up in worse condition than when I began. Still, there’s nowhere to go but forwards. I’ve dropped the dead weight and now I need to find my next step. But it’s difficult when even walking is painful.

My goals for March are to find an affordable and well-equipped gym, continue limiting my calories, and request advice from my doctor. It will be hard.

Parties and calories

It seems like everyone I know has made it their resolution this year to be more social – so almost every weekend there has been an event of some kind. We’re no exception of course, we moved house at the beginning of January and had a flatwarming party a few weeks later!

Parties make it really hard to meet my calorie goals. Partly because I don’t know how things are made, or sometimes even what they are, and partly because there is so much delicious food at parties. I’m managed to get around the high-calorie alcoholic drinks with my newfound Höpt option, and I think my best option for parties is to skip lunch and try to limit myself on portions and food choice. That seemed to work this past weekend, and my weight has been mostly below 67 kg this week. There has been a lot of variation (mostly after a particularly big blowout a couple of weeks ago) but I really hope this is the start of a downward trend.

Mid Feb Calorie Update

In terms of daily life, it has been relatively easy to keep to my calorie limit. I eat the same breakfast every morning (258 calories). Lunch is often sushi (304 calories), or skipped. I have a iced long black in the afternoon (54 calories), and that usually leaves me with around 600 calories for dinner.

This week I’ve actually planned dinners, which should help! I’m on a bit of a Korean food kick at the moment. I have a tub of gochujang, a spicy pepper paste, which adds a lot of flavour and keeps things interesting without adding many calories. Last night I shared an excellent gochujang salmon fillet with my husband. Tonight it’s a step across the sea for teriyaki chicken.

It’s interesting seeing what the scale does just with a calorie limit. I’m not able to exercise just yet because I twisted my ankle at the beginning of Feb, and it is still stiff and painful in some movements. My weight fluctuates a bit, but the fluctuations have been larger than before I started limiting my calories. For instance, previously I sat at 66.7kg, occasionally dipping to 66.4kg. Since starting, I’ve been as high as 68.1kg (sob) and as low as 66.2kg (yay, that’s today!). It’s hard to know what’s going on. Maybe it’s too early to tell. Maybe my scales are just crap.

I know, I should probably take measurements and photographs, and not just rely on the scales. It’s a pretty scary move. I’d almost rather not know how I measure up right now. But I guess it’s better to know more now so I can have a good comparison at the end.

“Poached” egg on toast with brie and cos lettuce

Eggs, toast, lettuce, brie


I really love eggs, especially poached, so I was stoked when I found out you could make them in the microwave with these cute Matroyshka cups. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to get a perfectly poached egg – these overcook the yolk and undercook the white, so I just end up smooshing it all up so it looks a bit like scrambled eggs. Sadface.

With the addition of cheese and cos lettuce, you have a very satisfying version of Caesar salad. Puhoi Brie is my cheese of the week and it is excellent slightly melted on the warm toast.

Ploughmans Sunflower & Canterbury Linseed bread, Frenz egg, cos lettuce, Puhoi Brie

Calories 237
Protein 7g
Fat 7g